Full coverage, minimal recoating, easy peel-off and low residue,Makes molding operations highly efficient and cost-effective
Our silicone release agent is used as a molding and processing aid for thermoplastic and synthetic rubber. For plastic film processing and rubber products, our silicone smoothing agent or release agent has excellent performance, which can prevent adhesion between the film and rubber products, making it easy to release the mold. These release agents and smoothing agents help produce various products, including thermoplastic, food packaging, rubber products, die-cast aluminum and magnesium products, tires, and O-ring seals.

Fully covering molds, especially complex molds, is crucial for sufficient anti sticking. Durability is also crucial, as more durable release agents help minimize recoating, thereby reducing material costs and downtime between forming. Low viscosity silicone provides better coverage, while high viscosity silicone provides better durability. We can work with customers to find a reasonable balance point to simplify their molding operations.
  • Silicones for plastic and rubber mold release
    We offer a range of products suitable in the formulation of ready to use release agent as well as processing aids (for pigment and filler treatment and polymer modification) in plastic and rubber.
Featured products
  • EMULDRA EM-815
    EM-815 is a non-ionic dimethyl silicone oil emulsion. It is an extremely stable water diluted emulsion, widely used as release agent for rubber and plastic products.
  • EMULDRA EM-816
    EM-816 is a nonionic aqueous system which has an extremely good stability and water dilutability. The final emulsion viscosity is high to meet specific application conditions.
  • EMULDRA EM-827
    EM-827 is a high solids emulsion of a regular viscosity polydimethylsiloxane fluids that finds use as an effective release agent and lubricant. Silicone Emulsion EM-827 is a nonionic aqueous system which has an extremely good stability and water dilutability.
  • EMULDRA EM-859
    EM-829 is a branched, curable (i.e. highly durable) silicone that is amino-modified and so is substantive to the mold surface.
  • EMULDRA CA-843
    EM-843 is a alkyl aryl fluid which can be used as all purpose release agent with lubrication, high temp. resistant, re-paintable,and organic compatible properties.
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