Functional additives add value to polyurethane foams
Polyurethane foam is a polymer made of cyanate ester and polyether as the main raw materials. It is mixed and foamed with special equipment under the action of surfactants, foaming agents, catalysts, flame retardants and other additives. . Polyurethane foam is a porous material with continuous polyurethane material as the skeleton and discontinuous air as the filling structure.We are an integrated supplier of polyurethane additives, offering the broadest selection of functional additives for your foam applications. From our FOAMSTA brand you will find the right additive for your foam formulation.
  • Flexible polyurethane foam
    The main function of polyurethane soft foam is cushioning. It has excellent elasticity, softness, elongation and compression strength, good chemical stability, and resistance to organic solvents and oils. Polyurethane soft foam is often used in car seats, sofa furniture, pillows, cushions, toys, clothing and sound insulation. Lined. Our functional additives: *Antioxidants *Softener *Hardener *Flame lamination agent *Sea sponge additive, etc.
  • Rigid polyurethane foam
    Polyurethane rigid foam is a new synthetic material with thermal insulation and waterproof functions. It has a low thermal conductivity, which is equivalent to half of that of extruded boards. It is the lowest thermal conductivity among all current insulation materials. Rigid polyurethane foam is mainly used in building exterior wall insulation, cold storage insulation, pipe insulation materials, building panels, refrigerators, refrigerated trucks and cold storage insulation materials.
  • Molded flexible foam
    Flexible polyurethane (PU) foam can be produced using molds to create high-quality foam with complex geometries for furniture, automotive and other applications. Flexible polyurethane molded foam is produced by pouring a liquid reaction mixture into a mold, from which the shape of the foam article is determined. We offer a wide range of key additives for the production of flexible molded foams that meet the requirements for low odor and emissions.
Featured products
  • FoamSta SF-120
    Foam stabilizers at low TDI index The foam produced by using the softener SF-120 can reduce the use of auxiliary blowing agents, and is softer and has a better hand feeling. The improvement in product compression deformation greatly exceeds other additives. The softener SF-120 also allows greater air flow for foam processing. It provides a wider processing latitude.
  • FoamSta SE-182
    Sea Sponge Foam Additive Polyurethane sea sponges have an irregular cellular structure similar to natural sponges, but with better features. Sea sponge foams are mainly used in the production of sponges for car washing industry, scrubbing glass, kitchen and bathroom, etc., thanks to the softness and elasticity of the foam. Foamsta SE-182 can be used for the production of sea sponges. Very small addition amount of SE-182 can provide irregular cell structures in conventional polyether foams.
  • FoamSta CS-115
    Antioxidant CS-115 is a high performance antioxidant for flexible polyurethane foam that minimizes foam scorching. CS-115 can be used for low density polyether foam.
  • FoamSta GR-125
    Gradient Reduction Additive GR-125 Additive is a processing additive for flexible polyurethane slabstock foam. It provides a technology that minimizes density and hardness gradients in polyurethane slabstock foam. GR-125 is an excellent additive for use in mattress-in-box application.
  • FoamSta AT-155
    Antistatic Additive AT-155 is a low viscosity antistatic additive designed for polyurethane slabstock foam formulations requiring antistatic and surface resistivity, commonly used in foams for packaging and industrial applications.
  • FoamSta AB-178
    Antibacterial Agent AB-178 is a safe and efficient antibacterial agent based on cationic technology. It is suitable for polyether and other foam. It provides excellent antimicrobial properties for porous materials and prevents the growth of bacteria and mildew on products.
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