Efficient ingredients for safer, more sustainable surface, laundry and car care
From hard surface solutions to foam control, we continue discovering innovative ways to provide our partners with environmentally friendly, natural and cost-effective products. REVACLE is offering a wide range of cost effective ingredients together with a wide customisation flexibility. The formulators can perform their magic with our broad range of essential ingredients and technologies.

Silicone-based technology brings a broad toolbox of solutions to surface care applications by offering benefits:
* Gloss
* surface protection
* Durability and detergent resistance
* Water repellency
* Surface smoothness
* Ease of polishing (lubricity and wettability)
* Foam Control: From Foam Booster to Defoamer
* Soft fabric
* Replace harmful solvents
  • Surface Care
    * Kitchen cleaner * Bathroom cleaner * Toilet cleaner * Glass cleaner * Polishes and waxes * Carpet/Upholstery Care * Floor care
  • Fabric Care
    Create a pleasant laundry experience: * Liquid detergent * Concentrated Laundry Detergent * Stain pretreatment agent * fabric softener
  • Car Care
    * Car wash * Paste car wax * Liquid car wax * Tire care agent * Car Leather/Fabric Cleaner * Auto glass cleaner
Featured products
  • REVASIL DM 5 - 60.000 cSt
    Silicone oil: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 350, 1000, 12.500, 60.000 cSt Formula characteristics: *Oil soluble, insoluble in water *Medium viscosity: easier to apply and emulsify *Higher viscosity: better protection, conditioning, and defoaming properties Can be formulated as: *Water in water solvent lotion, typically 50-1000 cSt PDMS water in solvent - can include high viscosity fluids *Polishing formula - using a combination of high/medium viscosity fluids to optimize efficiency
  • REVASIL 568
    REVASIL 568 silicone surfactant can reduce surface tension in water-based applications. It is a pre foaming agent that can also provide excellent sheeting, permeability, and super wetting properties for your formula. Potential applications:surface care, fabric care and car care
  • REVASIL 561
    REVASIL 561 super spreading agent is an organic modified siloxane that can provide reduced surface tension and super spreading performance for aqueous solutions, while maintaining stability in pH 6-11 formulations. Potential Applications: REVASIL 561 superspreader is an excellent candidate for home care formulas with pH values that can be controlled between 6 and 11. Examples of such potential applications include manual dishwashing solution, automatic dishwashing formula, car wash, polishing agent, window cleaner, disinfectant, and alkaline hard surface cleaner.
  • REVASIL 533
    REVASIL 533 silicone compound is a low molecular weight, low viscosity alkyl modified polysiloxane. The alkyl-substituted functional groups make the product soluble in organic materials such as mineral oil, while the dense silicone backbone provides a unique ability to diffuse organic oils, making them more uniformly applied to the base material. Additionally it helps disperse fine solids in lipophilic media such as mineral and vegetable oils. Potential applications: REVASIL 533 is recommended to be added at 1-10% by weight in oily products for surface tension reduction, spreading, coverage, penetration and dissolution. It can be used on tires or vinyl, car polish, shoe polish or penetrating paint.
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