A variety of possibilities with our wide range of coating additives
Using a combination of chemical expertise, process technology, and application know-how, we possesses the necessary technologies to meet the basic needs of coating and ink manufacturers.

We have the experience, expertise, and products to help you get the job done efficiently, cost effectively, and safely.
  • Water-based dispersions
    Our outstanding polymerisation of solvent-free acrylic and polyurethane dispersions makes us a reliable partner of industry. The waterborne binders contribute fundamentally to improving the properties of your products. Every substrate places special demands on the coating: REVACLE's water-borne dispersions ensure that all these requirements can be met.
  • Polyether modified silicones
    Silicone-based technologies bring a broad toolbox of solutions to coatings and inks by offering unique advantages: * Substrate wetting *Flow leveling * Low coefficient of friction, anti-slip * Anti-adhesion and release * Foam control, air release * Water repellency
  • Modified silanes
    Silane technology brings a broad toolbox of solutions to coatings and inks by offering unique advantages: * Substrate adhesion * Polymer modification (cross-linking agents to improve mechanical properties) * Filler treatment (compatibility with polymer, reinforcement, waterproofing) * Preservative additives
Featured products
  • COATLITE 477
    REVASIL 477 coating additive is a non ionic organic modified trisiloxane surfactant that can be considered for use in various coating systems. This molecule is often referred to as a "super spreading agent" because it has unique wetting and spreading properties in water-based coatings and inks. It can also improve fluidity and leveling, while affecting air release. It can be considered for high-speed roller applications and surfaces that are difficult to wet. REVASIL 477 coating additive has 100% activity, is compatible with various water-based, solvent based, and radiation cured resin systems, and can be "recoated" while still providing good gloss.
  • COATLITE 411
    CoatOSil 411 coating additive helps to wet water-based systems on ordinary and difficult to wet substrates. The non foaming and super wetting properties of this product make it an excellent choice for spraying or high-speed roller coating. COATLITE 411 coating additive applications may include plastic film and component coatings, wood and glass coatings. COATLITE 411 usually does not affect recoating properties.
  • COATLITE 482
    COATLITE 482 coating additive is a methoxy-terminated, linear ABA block copolymer of silicone and polyether (EO/PO). Due to its unique chemical structure, 482 can be widely used in various systems such as wood paints, industrial coatings, automotive final touch-ups, varnishes and inks.
  • COATLITE 420 Adhesion Promoter
    COATLITE 420 is a special epoxy silane that, compared with conventional epoxy silanes, maintains good epoxy reactivity and coupling effects while providing better storage stability. 420 can be used in polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic and polysulfide-based coatings. It often assists in adhesion improvement and cross-linking of water-based or solvent-based coatings, as well as the dispersion of metallic pigments in aqueous systems.
  • COATLITE 424 Adhesion Promoter
    COATLITE 424 is a 100% active low odor mercaptosilane oligomer that can be used as a crosslinking agent and adhesion promoter for coatings, adhesives, and sealants. Its main application field is polyurethane based systems, but it can also be used in epoxy resins, acrylic esters, and mixed coatings. COATLITE 424 silane oligomer can be used to develop coating formulations that require reaction with mercaptosilane.
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