Silicones enhance the sensory sensation of personal care products
We are at the forefront of creating innovative silicone for the personal care industry. Our technologies extend from polyether modified silicones to silicone quats and organic modified siloxanes. These professional products enhance various formulations by providing improved softness, shine, conditioning and moisturizing effects. Our silicones are also used as emulsifiers for oil in water and oil in water creams, as well as sunscreen products, to improve stability and efficacy, while enhancing the beauty of the product.

* Volatile Fluids
* Dimethicones
* Phenyl Modified Fluids
* Polymer Fluid Blends
* Dimethicone Copolyols
* Silicone Emulsions
* Silicone Resins
  • Skin Care
    To create a pleasurable beauty experience, the focus is on the senses. What kind of sensory experience does this product bring to you? How does it affect your mood? Along with a psychological response, consumers associate the texture and consistency of skincare products with quality and functionality. Our ingredients deliver a variety of sensory experiences, from anti-aging benefits to fine texture and moisturization, for a consumer pleasure on application.
  • Hair Care
    Consumers refuse to accept hair damaged beyond repair. Healthy hair should be soft, full, strong and shiny, not limp, greasy and brittle. Our multifunctional ingredients help repair damaged hair while moisturizing each tip, leaving hair soft and manageable wet or dry. Having beautiful hair takes a lot of time and money. Our ingredients help you create shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products that revitalize your hair.
  • Colour Cosmetics
    Sometimes beauty shows on the surface: By forming a protective film on the skin, it helps your personal care products last longer and reduces migration and smudging. Additives that enhance light performance and feel can reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and appearance, and bring new experiences. Our ingredients can help you create long-lasting sensory delights and create deep connections with consumers.
Featured products
    Volatile Fluids Cyclics: Cyclotetrasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane (and) Cyclopentasiloxane Linears: DM 0.65cst , 1cst, 1.5cst, 2cst, Dimethicone (alternativeto Cyclopentasiloxane), Dimethicone (alternative to Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Cyclohexasiloxane)
  • REVASIL DM 5 - 100.000 cSt
    Dimethicones Low viscosity dimethicones (5 – 20 cSt): miscible in organic ingredients. Middle viscosity dimethicones (50 – 1.000 cSt): as oil additive. High viscosity dimethicones (60.000 – 100.000 cSt).
  • REVASIL CA 596
    INCI Name:Caprylyl Methicone REVASIL CA-596 is an alkyl-modified trisiloxane with good spreadability and volatility, which helps to reduce the greasiness of the formula, improve skin feel, and increase the SPF value of sunscreen products. It can be used for lip gloss and lipstick. , eye shadow and other cosmetic products and skin care products such as sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-aging cream and so on. CA-596 has excellent compatibility with other organic ingredients and can improve the dispersion of hydrophobic powders and other ingredients.
    INCI Name:Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Trimethylsiloxysilicate REVASIL TMS-549 resin is a blend of 45% trimethylsiloxysilicate and 55% cyclopentasiloxane. After the cyclopentasiloxane evaporates, the high molecular weight silicone forms a long-lasting film on the skin.
  • REVASIL SS 520
    INCI Name:SILANEDIOL SALICYLATE REVASIL SS-520 is a silanol that combines the skin-restructuring benefits of active silicon with the maximum anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits of salicylic acid. Silanols are organic derivatives of silicon, rich in hydroxyl functional groups, synthesized in the presence of different free radicals, which impart stability and specificity to the compounds. They all have the same unique biological properties that are enhanced or modulated by the presence of these free radicals. With SS-520, the free radical is composed of salicylic acid. SS-520 is a combination of salicylic acid and silanol technology. This combination creates real synergy. On the one hand, salicylic acid can stabilize the active silicon structure and ensure the role of silicon. On the other hand, active silicon improves the efficacy of salicylic acid and eliminates its potential irritation.
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