Silicone emulsions are inert, thermally stable, non-toxic products suitable for many industrial applications with advantages in lubrication, gloss, antistatic, protective and release properties.
Silicone emulsions can be divided into three groups depending on the type of emulsifier system used - they can be: anionic, cationic and non-ionic. Most emulsions are nonionic in that they are compatible with either of the other two systems, but depending on the application, cationic or anionic emulsions can be chosen. Viscosity and physical properties can be varied by using base polymers of different viscosities. 

A high percentage solids version is available as a concentrate and diluted with water before use, which makes shipping more cost-effective.
* Rubber and plastics: release agents and lubricants
* Food tray: Release agent
*Personal Care: Protection, Gloss and Spread
* Home Care: Protects, enhances shine and spreads
* Textile finishing: enhances feel, water resistance and reduces ironing
*Construction: Waterproof
* Printing and papermaking: Lubricant and antistatic properties
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