By modifying silicone with longer alkyl chains, polyether or alkylamino groups, a variety of functional silicones with different properties can be produced to meet the diverse needs of various industries.
Functional silicone liquids are produced through chemical modification and are usually used in personal care, fabric finishing, building water repellent, polyurethane foam stabilizer, agricultural spreader and coating additives.

Polyether modified organosilicon is a high-performance and efficient organic silicon non ionic surfactant synthesized by copolymerization of polyether and polydimethylsiloxane. Organic silicon polyethers or organic silicon surfactants contain insoluble organic silicon main chains and many water-soluble polyether side groups. REVACLE provides a variety of silicone polyethers and customized design products for specific applications.
Alkyl modified silicone oil has better compatibility with organic materials, improves lubricity, reduces tack, increases viscosity-temperature coefficient, reduces compressibility.

When the phenyl group in polysiloxane replaces the methyl group, the oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and shear resistance are all improved.

Alkyl modified silicone oil has better compatibility with organic materials, improves lubricity, reduces viscosity, increases viscosity temperature coefficient, and reduces compressibility.

Silicone wax is a polydimethylsiloxane modified with long chain alkyl groups. According to the length of the chain and the number of alkyl groups, modification will produce products with different melting points. Silicon wax combines the characteristics of organic wax (such as water repellency) with the typical characteristics of silicone oil, such as wettability and good sensory properties.

Methyl hydrogenated silicone oil (hydrogenated silicone oil) can undergo chemical reactions with hydroxyl groups and unsaturated organic compounds, and is mainly used as a waterproof (hydrophobic) agent for fillers such as gypsum, textiles, paper and leather, powder, and silica. Hydrogenated silicone oil is also used as a crosslinking agent for the addition of formed silicone rubber. Hydrogen terminated silicone oil is an important intermediate for textile softeners.
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