Essential solutions for protecting crops, improving yields, and raising healthy livestock
REVACLE produces innovative agriscience solutions that increase the performance of crop protection farmers depend on to produce high-yielding crops and healthy livestock.

We work directly with farmers and agribusinesses, to create specialty adjuvants and defoamers that promote food security and sustainability by helping to increase food production while reducing impact to environment.
Silicone products for agricultural use
  • Spreaders and Penetrants
    Our expertise in agriculture allows us to develop industry-leading technologies. CERESIL Super Spreaders and Super Penetrants help growers increase yields and spray efficiency by spreading their sprays up to 10 times faster than traditional adjuvants. They work quickly.
  • Antifoams for agriculture
    Our high-performance antifoams break down foam quickly and keep it under control for an extended period of time, often with just a single dose. A single tank-mix treatment with FOAMCEL antifoam provides long-lasting foam suppression, helping formulators increase productivity and giving growers more time to spray due to less foam hassle.
Featured products
  • CERESIL 706
    Low foaming super spreading agent with low freezing point. Ceresil 706 superplasticizer is a superplasticizer based on trisiloxane alkoxylate. Ceresil 706 super spreading agent can reduce the surface tension of spray solution, which is beyond the level that most traditional additives can achieve. It usually leads to rapid wetting, excellent spreading, more deposition and better pesticide efficacy.
  • CERESIL 707
    CERESIL 707Ag super spreading agent is a kind of super spreading surfactant based on trisiloxane ethoxylate, which can help reduce the surface tension of spray solution, exceeding the ability of most traditional additives. The spray additive (@ 0.1 wt%) can make the surface tension of water reach 20.5 mN/m, which is 30 mN/m lower than the typical result of some nonionic octyl phenol ethoxylate surfactants containing 10 EO units (@ 1.0%). This helps CERESIL 707Ag to provide rapid wetting, more dispersion, higher deposition and better efficacy in the application of agricultural chemicals spray.
  • CERESIL 708
    CERESIL 708 spray additive is a super spreading surfactant based on trisiloxane ethoxylate, which can reduce the surface tension of spray solution, exceeding the level that most conventional additives can achieve. CERESIL 708 spray additives help accelerate the entry of agricultural chemicals into plants and leaves through stomatal penetration, thus forming a rain proof spray solution and improving application reliability. Unlike many other trisiloxane alkoxylates, CERESIL 708 spray additives are generally not affected by oil-based ingredients, and can provide enhanced spreadability in formulas containing such ingredients, especially compared with most other organosilicon based additives. CERESIL 708 spray additives are essentially non-ionic and can be considered for a wide range of agrochemical applications.
  • FOAMCEL 872
    FOAMCEL 872 defoaming lotion is an excellent choice for high-performance foam control. It can provide excellent initial foam control and excellent durability to prevent unnecessary re foaming for a long time, especially compared with traditional defoamers. FOAMCEL 872 defoamer has excellent durable foam control ability, and can usually be used at a lower dosage than most traditional defoamers. Another potential benefit is that it can be uniformly dispersed in water-based formulations and concentrates, which helps create a highly stable mixture for storage. FOAMCEL 872 defoamer is an excellent foam control agent for a wide range of pH values. It is an excellent choice for use as a foam control agent in pesticide, production process, packaging and spray tank operations.
  • FOAMCEL 810
    FOAMCEL 810 silicone defoamer emulsion is an industrial grade general defoamer, which has dual advantages of cost-effectiveness and excellent performance. These materials are usually easily dispersed in a wide range of applications and have the potential to remain stable and durable. FOAMCEL 810 can help prevent or suppress foam in a variety of applications, including: agricultural formula, chemical and petroleum processing, special chemistry, gas desulfurization, water treatment system, etc.
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