We possesses the necessary technologies to meet the basic needs of the construction industry
REVACLE offers a wide range of materials in different forms (ready-to-use silanes and oligomers, solvent dilutable concentrates, water-based emulsions, silane-based creams) to bring long-lasting weather resistance to concrete, cement natural Protection, water absorption reduction and beading effect on stone, plaster, plaster and mortar as well as exterior and interior paints.

Our silanes also help improve the mechanical properties of polymers used in the construction industry, with good hydrophobic effects on different surfaces, substrates and materials.
  • Silane water repellent
    The use of silane as building water repellent has outstanding advantages such as simple surface treatment (no accumulated water, dust, oil, etc.), strong penetration, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, and not easy to wear on the surface. It is safe to use, pollution-free, and is a new type of environmental protection product. Silicone water repellent is different from ordinary waterproof coatings. It has better penetration performance. The higher the concentration, the stronger the penetration.
  • Emulsion silicone water repellent
    Compared with methyl silicone alkoxide and silicone resin, silicone emulsion has the following characteristics: it does not pollute the environment during use; it has stronger penetration into bricks, stones, concrete, etc.; and it has lower cost. This type of water repellent can be added to the mixture formula as a waterproofing additive; it can also be used as a surface treatment agent for surface treatment of bricks, tiles, natural stone, artificial stone, gypsum, cement, etc.
Featured products
  • SILASOL WR-240
    SILASOL WR-240 masonry water repellent is a kind of water emulsion based on silane technology, which is an excellent candidate for excellent water resistance as an additive and/or penetration sealant. When SILASOL WR-240 is added as an overall water repellent during the concrete mixing process (admixture), it can significantly reduce water absorption and weathering. When used as a masonry sealant, SILASOL WR-240 masonry waterproofing agent can provide deep penetration, providing excellent surface protection from water, rainwater, and deicing agents, and may resist chloride intrusion from masonry substrates.
  • SILASOL WR-280
    SILASOL WR-280 emulsion is a high activity low VOC lotion based on silane/siloxane technology. It has excellent hydrophobic properties and can be used for various building applications that require waterproofing and weathering. As a surface sealant, it has excellent penetration depth and is easy to mix.
  • SILASOL WR-243
    SILASOL WR-243 is a polydimethylhydrogensiloxane which cab be used as: * Water repellent treatment of plaster used to produce tiles and boards * Water repellent treatment of dry-sprayed substances (e.g.: extinguisher powders, various fillers).
  • SILASOL WR-259
    SILASOL WR-259 silicone emulsion can be considered for use as a masonry water repellent, while still allowing the substrate to ‘breath’, without blocking enclosed water vapor transmission.
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